It's Elizabeth Of Course!
At their best, movies combine sound and visuals to create another world and really take you there, at their worst they’re Garden State.
Worked a Garden State burn into this week’s review of The Brother From Another Planet.
It’s a part of our collective unconscious.
Overheard last night. It’s weird but I like it.
How can I shed the bitterness and cruelty that my life has beaten into me before now?


I don’t know your situation and I’m not you and I kinda don’t do advice, because advice is presumptuous! Like there’s general living-life stuff, a lot of which turns out to be really profound but which when I was younger seemed like “shit people tell you just because it’s what they say.” For example: it’s in my nature to get up and start working on stuff. On whatever. Songs, books. Playing video games back when I played video games (I haven’t renounced them but I have lost interest so all I play now is those annoying Facebook games that when you see people’s status saying I JUST ACHIEVED LEVEL ELM IN FOREST SAGA! you judge them. I am he. I am the judged). But then I became a dad, and if me and my little dude are both awake and it’s seven and I see the daylight outside, rain or shine, I think…you need to not be conscripting little dude into your I-tend-to-stay-inside lifestyle, which is a learned behavior anyway. So we get outside. I haven’t run a spreadsheet on this but it feels like to me if I get a walk in with my little dude in the morning, the very worst the day has to offer thereafter pales in comparison to how I started the day, and on lousy days that can be really meaningful to me. Again, I’m not saying “whoever you are, whatever your situation, just take a walk!” That would make me an asshole, saying that. I’m saying “you asked for advice, but I don’t do advice, but I can tell you things I do and if they sound useful to you, they’re things you might try.” 

Mornings when I put off opening the laptop for several hours almost invariably result in better days for me than the ones (usually on the road) when I wake up and PLUG INTO THE FUCKIN MATRIX HERE WE GO and then irritate myself with news of all the terrible people doing and saying terrible things that I can’t do a damn thing about anyway. Do I stay engaged enough with the news cycle to know about what’s going on? Of course; I care. Do I have to know every last hateful thing about all the hateful people? No, of course not - I don’t need all that stuff inside me. I only need to know enough to figure out what positive change I might be able to help effect. 

Again, this isn’t advice. I’m not qualified to give advice. (If I write good songs that help people, that’s rad, but it no more qualifies me to give advice than a good carpenter’s table qualifies him to tell me how to deal with anger.) I’m just reporting what works for me: keep an umbilical connection to the outside world - trees, light, solid ground; avoid obsessive behavior; seek the delightful, shun the hateful. My son taught me this last one. He is a philosopher. 

It was a nice read.

My office mate just pointed out how weird it is that it’s hard to conceive of women as fierce and maternal when the most dangerous animal you cam encounter in the wild is any mother protecting her young.

Kid from elementary school who used to grab the blades of open scissors and bend them in half while crying got married yesterday. So there’s that.

A hustler’s anybody that gets up every single day and figures out a way to make good for themselves in this society.

Jay Z

In case anybody asks.

In our society there is a pervasive tendency to equate accomplishment with human value—put simply, individuals are thought to be only as worthy as their achievements.
Self-worth theory. That’s real and it’s dark as fuck.

On principle: you never skip a song off The Chronic. Disown anyone who does.

I’ve been congested for weeks, my face is all blasted up and I’ve been editing for hours!
That’s how I tried to rationalized my teasing fail to Michael. Seems reasonable enough. #blastedup

The inevitable end to a ill-informed conversation about Tesla.

In 30 years people will be dressing up as hipsters instead of hippies for Halloween.
Michael. Dead on. But I will be dressing up as a hipster this Halloween. I’ll make sure to try and get pictures.
Posting this so we can all take a moment this morning and share the feel of being disoriented by the passage of time. 

Posting this so we can all take a moment this morning and share the feel of being disoriented by the passage of time. 

Someone called me irreverent yesterday. A compliment, were it not a word reserved exclusively for comedians over the age of 50 who are still willing to talk about their sexual misadventures.